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About Us



Andrew began his boiler making profession near on 35 years ago. And during that time has become a pioneer within his field.

Working with a passion for the industry, Andrew developed his strong connection towards his work. Which has been carried down from generation to generation.

Through the many years of extensive industry experience, Andrew knows the uniqueness and complexity every job holds, that is why his goal is to make every project smooth and enjoyable. He has strived to make Concept Boiler’s a place where you can go with all your steel, steam and pressure project needs. He has made his business diverse and broad to allow for everyones individual requirements, with the ability to customise jobs and make ideas come to life.

Through working extensively in the Boiler profession, Andrew possessed a deep determination and a will to design his own Vertical Watertube Steam Boiler Range that would benefit a huge array of industries. With a key focus on energy, effectivity, efficiency and reliability all built into an eye-catching, exquisitely engineered piece of equipment.

These Boilers have become immensely popular in a vast range of industries due to there outstanding benefits.

Within their Melbourne based factory, The Concept Boiler team manufacture all Concept’s renowned boilers to perfection. All parts and materials are chosen with extreme care to insure Concept’s boilers have the most premium and unsurpassed quality to anything else on the market.

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