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Product Range

  • Vertical Watertube Steam Boiler
  • The Concept Vertical Watertube Steam Boiler is noted for its compact design, rapid heat up time, high efficiency and ease of operation. It is designed and manufactured to AS1228 and meets the requirements of AS2593 for unattended operation.

    Vertical Design, requires minimal floor space
    High efficiency with three pass design (in excess of 80%)
    Steam ready to use in under 20 minutes
    Level probes within boiler steam drum
    Polished stainless steel casing
    Lifting lugs for ease of manoeuvring and transport
    Boiler rated to 1000kPa pressure
    Generous size steam drum
    All our boilers are hydrostatically tested and inspected

  • Electric Boilers
  • The Concept Electric Steam Boiler is manufactured in Melbourne to a very high standard. It is constructed using certified materials and assembled by qualified tradesman to all relevant Australian standards. The boiler can operate up to a working pressure of 1000kPa and has a very quick heat up time.

    • Fully automatic operation
    • Fully packaged with pump and controls
    • High thermal efficiency
    • Generous size water/steam shell

  • Heat Exchanger
  • Heat exchangers in our industry are usually used for heating industrial processes on large scales. The type and size of heat exchanger used can be designed to suit your process depending on the type of fluid, temperature, viscosity, pressures and any varying thermodynamic properties.
    Hest exchangers can also be used in systems where there is waste energy that can be reclaimed and used for other processes.
  • Deareators
  • Deareators are used to remove as much oxygen and carbon dioxide as possible from the feed water prior to entering the boiler. This in turn results in less oxygen scavenger chemicals required, improves boiler efficiency and vastly reduces risk of corrosion.

    Constructed to AS1210
    Manufactured from high integrity and certified materials
    Custom designed and manufactured

  • Hot Water Heater
  • The Concept Hot Water Heater is manufactured in Melbourne to a very high standard. It is constructed using boiler plate and boiler tube, just the same as the steam boilers are. This gives high integrity to the quality of the product by using high quality materials. The product can operate up to a working pressure of 500kPa and 89 degrees celsius to meet AS4343 requirements.

    Fully automatic operation
    Packaged forced draught burner
    Three and four pass design
    High thermal efficiency

  • Hot Water Boiler
  • The Concept Hot Water Boiler is a vertical water tube design, which is quite unique in the industry. It is constructed in the same way as a steam boiler using only certified boiler plate and boiler tube.

    Our Hot Water Boilers can operate under pressures up to 1000kPa which is usually achieved by the use of an expansion vessel which is subjected to pressure by nitrogen which allows high temperatures to be obtained up to 180 degrees celsius.



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